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How Do You Get OCD by Apex Health Alliance in Glenwood Springs, CO

How Do You Get OCD?

Friends and family have noticed peculiar little quirks in your personal behavior. Your socks have to be folded a. certain way, canned goods stocked on shelves with labels facing forward, and you habitually make sure your doors are locked before going to bed. While all of these behaviors can be considered healthy expressions of a desire to be organized and responsible, if they are severe enough to be disruptive to your life, you might have OCD

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Ketamine for OCD

Everyone, it seems, will toss out a joke occasionally about OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder): “I have OCD when it comes to folding my t-shirts” or “I have OCD about cleaning my glasses.” But the condition, characterized by the need to repeat an action or behavior continuously, is very real. It’s pop culture relevant, discussed often by Lena Dunham, Howie Mandel, and others. Ketamine-derived nasal spray and infusion therapy are now considered viable OCD treatment options.

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